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Top 3 Business Credit Line Options

Every entrepreneur is eligible for business credit. Even if they operate a starting
business and have previously failed to qualify for funding, they can still obtain one of these three
credit lines. The optimum time to begin accumulating credit lines is right now. Cashflow
problems are the most common cause of business failure. When business owners run into
problems, they require more money than they currently have, which forces them to close their
doors. When the economy experiences a recession, having access to revolving credit becomes
more vital than ever. Revolving credit is credit that can be used repeatedly throughout
unanticipated economic developments

What is an Unsecured Business Credit Card?

Almost all credit cards, especially those used for business, are unsecured. Consumer
credit cards are typically secured to aid in the development of initial credit. Businesses use net
or vendor accounts instead of secured credit cards. Vendors frequently offer net 15, 30, or 45
terms, which means you have that many days to repay whatever your company is borrowing.


Checking your fundability is the key to getting approved for credit lines. Fundability is a secret formula used by lenders and credit issuers to determine approval, rates, conditions, and the total amount of money that can be granted for your firm. Improving your company's unpredictability is the key to getting the most money at the best conditions. Lenders and credit issuers will examine how you set up your business to establish its credibility and legitimacy. A corporate business entity, EIN, DUNS Number, address, phone number, 411 listing, website, email, and bank account are all required for a fundable foundation

Secured Credit Lines

Even if you have low credit as a startup, you can get accepted for secured credit lines. Interest rates as low as 1-5 percent are available. Stocks, bonds, 401Ks, IRAs, commercial real estate, inventories, and equipment are all acceptable collateral for secured credit lines

Fundbox Credit Line

You can get authorized for up to $150,000 in funding with Fundbox. Fundbox loan is not based on personal credit, therefore even entrepreneurs with ordinary credit can be authorized. You only need six months in operation to achieve approval standards, so you don't need a long- standing corporation. Rates as low as 0.5 percent for each week the money is outstanding can be allowed. If you buy and pay off products on a weekly basis, you'll pay relatively little interest on this credit line. Fundbox uses artificial intelligence to underwrite your company's bank account. As a result, you will not be required to provide documents such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, or bank statements. The usage of AI technology results in extremely quick approval in as little as a day

Credit Line Hybrid

Credit Line Hybrid combines the best features of both a credit card and a credit line into a single outstanding product. The nicest aspect of a credit line is that you can withdraw cash at a low interest rate without having to pay up to 20% in cash advance fees, as you would with a credit card. With this credit line, you can withdraw cash from the actual lines at 0% APR for up to 18 months. Startups and high-risk businesses can receive up to $150,000 in funding. A solid personal credit score between 680 and 700 is required for acceptance, but no collateral is required. Guarantors are accepted if you do not have a decent credit score. Credit Line Hybrid sends information to the business credit bureaus